April 2016 Newsletter

The Art of the Palm
by Bradley McCarson

Palms have a fascinating beauty seldom matched elsewhere in nature. Their beautiful fronds swaying in the wind and their unique trunks provide an artistic and architectural balance to any garden. Palms have many different textures and colors while providing winter interest. With all these elements palms possess it’s easy to see why they’re often depicted in art. Palm art has been around for centuries, from places like ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome and other parts of the world such as Easter island.

Tomb of Pashedu, Deir el-Medina Necropolis, 13th c. BC, touregypt.net; right, “Shadow Drama” by Edith Bergstrom, watercolor, 21st century

Not only have palms astonished ancient cultures and artists, but they continue to affect modern artists as well. Today, palms can be seen in all types of art such as paintings, sculptures, murals, wallpaper and even building architecture. Human civilization appreciates and cherishes palms all across the globe, and now with the help of Edith Bergstrom, a palm enthusiast and artist, we can peek into the realm of palms in modern art and see how palms have changed and inspired her life much like how they’ve inspired people for centuries.

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