Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to pay in local currency (non US) or by bank transfer. How do I do this?

Sorry, the IPS only accepts payments in US dollars. We are not able to accept payment by Bank transfer

I have a palm which I would like identified. Can you help?

The IPS maintains some of the largest resources of palm tree aficionado’s online. Try posting an image of your plant on PalmTalk or if you are a Facebook user, please visit our Facebook Community Page. Someone will certainly be able to identify it for you.

I cannot log in using my IPS login information

The forum is separate to the main website and requires a separate user name and password.

My membership is current, but I have not been receiving my Palms journals

IPS will send replacement copies UP TO SIX MONTHS after the date of the missed issue. If you persistently do not receive your copy of Palms, please:

  • Check that you address is correct
  • If your journal is sent to an office or institution, check to ensure that no one else is getting your copy in error.
  • Check with your Post Office

I have my account number and password, but I am not able to log in.

There could be several reasons:

  • Make sure that your account is current
  • Make sure you are entering your ACCOUNT number in the account number box and your password in the PASSWORD box, not vica-versa
  • Check that you have the correct Account number and password

I did not receive a dues notice

Dues notices are sent out by email – and by mail to those without email addresses. Several notices are sent before and after your membership expired. If you are not receiving email notices, please make sure that these are NOT going into your junk mail folder.

I am late renewing, but I am no longer able to login to renew. Why not?

Since your membership has expired, your login priviledges have also expired. You can still renew by sending a check to IPS, at The International Palm Society Inc., 56 Autumn Oaks Drive, The Hills, Texas 78738 USA. Or you can renew online by clicking here. Your login priviledges will be reactivated within a few days of receiving your payment.

My membership expired on January 1. I renewed on March 26 and missed a copy of Palms journal. Can my membership be back dated and the missed issue of Palms journal be sent to me as part of my membership?

No. Membership can no longer be back dated. You will need to order any missed copies of Palms journal online.

I am a few weeks late with my dues payment and I did not receive the most recent issue of Palms journal. Will I get this issue when I renew?

Your membership will run for twelve months from the time that you renewed. So If you missed an issue of Palms due to not renewing in time, you will need to separately order and pay for any past issues that you would like to receive. Back issues are $15.00. IPS members receive a 20% discount.

I have questions and want to talk to a real person.

Please click here for contacts – or call 512.851.1411 ext 106.

If you have questions not answered,

please click here to contact us.