Syagrus species

Larry Noblick, Montgomery Botanical Center, identifying new Syagrus species in Brazil.

Since 1985, the IPS has been funding palm research, conservation and education projects all over the world through its IPS Endowment Awards. The IPS is one of only a few plant societies with an active program that annually awards small grants to researchers, educators and institutions. Over the years, the IPS has provided funds to study all aspects of palm biology, including:

  • Palm education programs for school children at the Belize Botanical Garden
  • A taxonomic study of the palms of Bolivia
  • Exploration for palms in northern Madagascar
  • The taxonomy of Borassus in Africa and Madagascar
  • Signs for the palm collection at Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo, Hilo, Hawaii
  • A field guide to palms of southern Asia

Through a generous contribution to the Endowment Fund from the children of Phyllis and Melvin Sneed, the IPS disburses The Phyllis Sneed Award. This annual award is that project that best emulates the exploratory, globe-trotting spirit of the Sneeds, who traveled the world in search of palms and wrote about their adventures in the pages of Principes, the predecessor to our current journal, PALMS.

IPS members can be proud of the fact that their organization supports research, conservation and education of palms throughout the world.

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Application for the IPS Endowment Awards:

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