PalmTalk is the beloved internet-based forum supported by the International Palm Society.

IPS member and PalmTalk moderator, Dean Ouer, explains:

“PalmTalk, in various forms, has been around since 2000. The present version, operating non-stop since 2005, is a modern forum format consisting of almost 20,000 users, over one million posts, and a quarter million photos. Unlike FaceBook, there is a powerful Search feature. And searching for any particular palm, person, nursery, weather, growing zone, etc., will always bring results. Ask a question, and you will always receive multiple answers and/or suggestions.

In its “pages” you will find entertainment, education, and friends who share your passion. You will meet people to visit during your travels, and those who will wish to visit you. You can share and gain knowledge from them, and many will become good friends.”


On November 9, 2015, the Facebook page “International Palm Society Community” was launched to allow an additional method for palm lovers to communicate and for the IPS to share information. This popular social media platform offers an alternative algorithm to ask questions, meet new friends, learn about palm cultivation, and view a wealth of palm pictures. Now with nearly 9,000 registered users and about ten new posts daily, the International Palm Society’s Facebook community is growing steadily.


Instagram is a popular (arguably the most popular) photo- and video-sharing platform. The IPS has been a member of Instagram since 2016 with our followers growing exponentially year over year.


Twitter is an online news and social networking site where people communicate in short messages called tweets. By following us on Twitter, you can fill your feed with palms from all over the world in 280 characters or less!


YouTube is a video-sharing social platform founded in 2005. Since 2015, the IPS has been sharing webinars, PalmTalk stories, and biographies of various palm species worldwide.