May 2016 Newsletter

Raffelsia tuan­mudae; The parasitic Raffelsia has the largest single flowers in the world, sometimes measuring more than a meter across. There are over 21 distinct species occurring throughout the wet regions of Southeast Asia. The species shown here is endemic to Sarawak. Right, Boiga nigriceps; the Black­headed Cat Snake is an arboreal predator of birds and other snakes. Below left, Cynopteris brachyotis. A Short­nosed Fruit Bat flies off with a ripe fig (Ficus fistulosa) it has selected. Rather than eating on the spot, the bat will carry the fig off to a favorite perch where it can dine in safety, thus helping to spread the tree’s seeds. Below right, the Blue­winged Leaf Bird, Chloropsis cochinchinensis, is a widespread species in Southeast Asia, found in both primary and secondary forests. This male is consuming a fig (Ficus variegata).

Below, l­r, Chrysopelea paradisi, the ‘flying snake’, a young Bornean Orangutan at rest; a male Red­crowned Barbet searching for figs

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