March 2016 Newsletter

An Expression of Gratitude

Jeff and Suchin Marcus accept a plaque from the IPS for display at Floribunda. Presenter: Kim Cyr Palm: Dypsis coursii Photo: Bo­Goran Lundkvist

To walk the grounds of Floribunda is an experience to overwhelm even the most jaded palm expert. The towering mass of mature rare and endangered palms collected by Jeff Marcus on his world travels is a palm vortex, a living palm seed bank for the earth. At the 2013 IPS Board Meeting, a special award was made to Jeff and Suchin Marcus of Floribunda Palms out of the general fund to properly document the collection. “I received help from the Forestry Department of the Hawaii Community College,” wrote Jeff, ”with a professor for advice, and a student using a Garmin Portable Geographic Information System (GIS) unit.” The garden and all pertinent data are now digitally mapped and cross­referenced in a way that will be viewable on Google Earth, and the garden has complete signage throughout. The detailed records of species, origin, and accession numbers is required to document the extensive collection properly for use in critical examination and scientific study. A paper map is also planned. “I express my humble thanks to the IPS Board for making my dream come true.”

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