July 2016 Newsletter

Commemorative Palm Planting at Gardens by the Bay
Biennial 2016

Dr. Soejatmi Dransfield, left, and Dr. John Dransfield with an Adonidia dransfieldii; photos by GBTB staff

On the final day of the IPS Biennial meeting in Singapore, two Directors, IPS President Leland Lai and Co­Editor John Dransfield, took part in a commemorative planting of two individuals of John’s namesake, ​Adonidia dransfieldii​, a species described in the pages of PALMS last year. Leland was assisted by Dr. Kiat Tan, Gardens by the Bay founder and former head of the National Parks Board. John was assisted by his wife, Dr. Soejatmi Dransfield. With gold­painted shovels in hand and some behind­the­scenes preparation by GBTB horticulture staff, the four dignitaries slipped the palms into their planting holes and backfilled with soil. Long may these palms thrive and commemorate the successful and highly enjoyable visit to GBTB by the IPS! ­­ Scott Zona

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