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PhD student Pélagie Mbandu Luzolawo benefited from the support from the IPS Endowment Fund for her inventory of the native palms of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She explored the central and eastern regions of the country, where more than 25 species of palms have been reported.

Pélagie collecting Raphia gentiliana.
Photo courtesy of Fred Stauffer.

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Support from the IPS enabled Ariane Cosiaux to undertake an exploratory fieldwork in the Western Highlands of Cameroon. This preliminary study became a part of Ariane’s PhD project, which focuses on how people of the Western Highlands exploit Raphia mambillensis.

A seedling of Raphia mambillensis, Oku, North-West Province, Cameroon. Photo by Ariane Cosiaux.

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Dr. Andrew Henderson (New York Botanical Garden) and Dr. Nguyen Quoc Dung (Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam) have received two grants from the IPS Endowment Fund. These grants allowed both researchers to document the incredibly rich and diverse palm flora in Vietnam. The grantees are in the final stages of producing a book on the palms of Vietnam.

Nguyen Quoc Dung & Andrew Henderson in Vietnam. Photo courtesy of A. Henderson

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The Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, with the support from the IPS, hosted a field course in Ecuador to train the next generation of palm biologists. The 22 participants came from Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Switzerland and Poland.

Students of the Natural History of Palms field course
in Ecuador. Photo by R. Montufar.

Who will train the next generation?


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Palms of Madagascarby John Dransfield and Henk Beentje was co-published in 1995 by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the IPS. Since that time, continued research and field work have brought to light a wealth of new species and one new genus (Tahina). Dr. Bentjee recently received a grant from the IPS for botanical exploration in Madagascar in preparation for the forthcoming second edition of Palms of Madagascar.

Dr. Henk Beentje stands beneath the recently-described Ravenea beentjei in Vondrozo, SE Madagascar. Photo by J. Dransfield

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