December 2022 Newsletter

Season’s Greetings Edition The December newsletter traditionally features palm eye candy from the past year. Cindy Adair’s first photo of Calyptrocalyx, below, naturally pairs with this reflection by W. S. Merwin: “Before breakfast, as usual, I take tea leaves (yellow buds from the highlands of western China, the successors of yesterday’s Huang Ya from Mengding […]

Botanical exploration in Madagascar

Palms of Madagascarby John Dransfield and Henk Beentje was co-published in 1995 by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the IPS. Since that time, continued research and field work have brought to light a wealth of new species and one new genus (Tahina). Dr. Bentjee recently received a grant from the IPS for botanical exploration […]

Documenting palm flora in Vietnam

Dr. Andrew Henderson (New York Botanical Garden) and Dr. Nguyen Quoc Dung (Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam) have received two grants from the IPS Endowment Fund. These grants allowed both researchers to document the incredibly rich and diverse palm flora in Vietnam. The grantees are in the final stages of producing a book […]

November 2022 Newsletter

Philanthropy Edition In this issue, we officially inaugurate the 2022 Save the Species campaign, targeting the ex-situ conservation of the critically endangered palm Pritchardia woodii. Pritchardia woodii is a critically endangered (IUCN Red List) species. It is endemic to Maui (and specifically to the Waiho’i Valley on the eastern edge of Haleakalā), and fewer than […]

2022 Biennial Recap

Well, another Biennial has come and gone – this one equally amazing, yet completely different from the last; while Colombia was almost entirely walking through dense habitat with a public garden sprinkled in, Hawaii’s biennial consisted entirely of public and private gardens. And despite not visiting any palms in their native habitat, we saw many […]

October 2022 Newsletter

Bon Voyage Edition I am absolutely twitterpated to be flying out today to attend our 32nd (and first in four years) biennial tour. As I prepare to depart, I’m reminded of IPS President (1996–2000) Dr. Phil Bergman’s admonition: “…a real vacation means that you go somewhere warmer than you are now. Of course, that translates […]

September 2022 Newsletter

Back-to-School Issue It’s back-to-school time at the IPS newsletter! In addition to a quiz that tests your palm knowledge, this issue contains detailed information about the 2022 Biennial to Hawaii, including the full slate of speakers. You’re also cordially invited by Rick Kelley, president of HIPS, to visit some magnificent private palm gardens while on […]