April 2019

APRIL 2019 NEWSLETTER: Hello, fellow palm-lovers. This month: about palm-shaped designs in Dubai. Also a short note about the red palm weevil and news about a bridge in Brazil. “Smart” Palms The silhouette of palms has been used widely in marketing and advertising evoking tropical landscapes. This silhouette has also been used by creative designers […]

March 2019

MARCH 2019 NEWSLETTER: Did you know that you can support the International Palm Society every time you shop on Amazon? Through Amazon’s charitable giving program, AmazonSmile, you can select the IPS as your designated charity, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase prices to the IPS. If you shop on Amazon (and don’t we […]

February 2019

FEBRUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER: This month we present a short note about a prize awarded to women engaged in the oil palm industry in Colombia, which seeks to highlight social aspects of their vocation. Also a note about Fedepalma, the Colombian organization that organizes the award. The Woman Palm-Farmer Every year since 2009, the Colombian Oil […]

January 2019

JANUARY 2019 NEWSLETTER: Have you ever wanted to see photos of Hyphaene thebaica thriving in a salty desert? Do you want to find out how Pharaohs made use of the doum palm in Ancient Egypt? Or how these palms are used by the Zulu people in South Africa? Do you want to see what Hyphaene […]

December 2018

DECEMBER 2018 NEWSLETTER: This is the last issue of the IPS Newsletter for this year. We thank all our members for their participation in IPS activities this year and for keeping our society alive. Renewed memberships, donations, the IPS Biennial, IPS Forum, and our social media help us to achieve our goal of sharing and cultivating our […]

March 2018

MARCH 2018 NEWSLETTER: This month: Palm colonization, a bit of palm singing in church and still inviting you to join us in Colombia in June! Palms Everywhere Palms are able to adapt to a wide range of climatic and environmental conditions, from arid and semiarid zones, to rainforest, even flourishing in rivers and streams, from lowlands at sea […]

February 2018

FEBRUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER: This month we present two stories about how palms and the Roman Catholic religion intermingle. Both stories are about the use of palms during Holy Week. In addition, we provide a glimpse of harvesting fruits on tall palms (Euterpe spp.) and information about the planned post Biennial trips. 2018 Post-Biennial Trips: Colombia 2018 IPS Biennial […]

January 2018

JANUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER: Happy New Years to all. We present exciting news about the 2018 IPS Biennial to be held in Colombia at the end of May and beginning of June this year. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there. We always look forward to hearing from you! Let us know about your palm adventures! 2018 IPS […]

December 2017

DECEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER: Hello, fellow IPS members. Season’s greetings and a very happy New Year! We are always looking forward to hear from you! Let us know about your palm adventures! Thai Pink Milk Pink Milk is a beverage sold at drink stands and juice bars around Thailand. It’s a sweet and refreshing drink packed with enough […]

November 2017

NOVEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER: This month we have a note about a lover of palms, Mr. Sven Nehlin, who passed away last month. We highlight a story from the highlands of South America concerning the wax palms, Ceroxylon spp., and how they might be affected by possible changes to the landscape from open cow pasture to avocado groves. We always […]