May 2019 Newsletter

The 2020 IPS Biennial will be held in La Réunion, one of the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean. We are already working on the preparations and are looking forward to seeing you there.

Latania lontaroides (Red Latan Palm) is native to La Réunion and endangered in its natural habitat. Photo by Miwok.

IPS Biennial 2020: La Réunion

About 40% of its territory is a national park. The Réunion National Park was also designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 2010 under the name “Pitons, cirques and ramparts of Reunion Island.”

As part of the Mascarene Islands (together with Mauritius and Rodrigues Islands), La Réunion has an important endemic palm flora: Latania and Hyophorbe are native to this island and are endangered in wild; however, local biologists are taking steps to preserve these palms.

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