April 2019 Newsletter

Hello, fellow palm-lovers. This month: about palm-shaped designs in Dubai. Also a short note about the red palm weevil and news about a bridge in Brazil.

Photos of “Smart“ Palms: Smart Palm devices in Dubai. Photos © by Smart Dubai.

“Smart” Palms

The silhouette of palms has been used widely in marketing and advertising evoking tropical landscapes. This silhouette has also been used by creative designers in Dubai to bring “Smart” Palms to life. Although nothing can replace a real palm in terms of feeling and appearance, these solar-powered devices are designed to bring connectivity to users by allowing free internet access via Wi-Fi and plugs for charging devices.

Located in over 26 sites in Dubai, according to Smart Palm Facebook page, these “Palms” also offer touristic information and, in case of emergency, can be used to call emergency services. They capture solar energy by means of the leaf-shaped photovoltaic panels.

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