September 2016 Newsletter

Making Friends, Making Memories

The Darwin post­tour group, photo by Jack Sayers. IPS members: some old hands, and some enjoying their first IPS travel experience.

A few simple notes from Jack Sayers, one of the organizers and guides for the very successful Darwin tour:
● The group was great. We had about 25, and everyone had fun without any major problems.
● We saw a pretty good range of wildlife. From the bus, we saw several wallaroos (there are no kangaroos in the far north, but wallaroos look pretty similar). We also had a chance to pet some wallaroos at the Territory Wildlife Park! We saw lots of crocs during the two boat tours (Nitmiluk Gorge and the Yellow River Wetlands in Kakadu). We also saw a pretty good range of birdlife, particularly in Kakadu.
● The trekking was pretty modest, generally a few miles (or less) per day, although it was quite hot and extremely sunny. The hardest hike was up to the top of the ridge to see the Livistona victoriae, and we actually had some excitement when one of the guests took a wrong turn on the trail! We sent out search parties to find him, but after about 30 minutes in the hot sun, he was able to find his way back on his own when he heard the bus horn.

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