November 2016 Newsletter

Award winning “Ho’okumu” (“the beginning”) incorporates natural elements from Hawaii Island, 36” x 24”. Right, “Regeneration” uses natural stone chips to suggest lava flows. The sculptures are made from leaf bases of Archontophoenix alexandrae, naturalized on the island.

Transcending Palms

​Shelley Moen Hoist made her first basket more than 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until after four or five years of working with the palm bases that she began to see the material for what it truly was. “I realized that it needed to be honored for what it was. That particular sheath lived a life on that tree that is unique. Just like we’re all unique, they’re all unique, and they don’t always want to be the same thing.” I ran my hand along the grooves of the shaped and hardened material, the curves pulling at my fingertips as Shelley continued. “I changed my question from ‘what do I want to make?’ to​ ‘what do you want to be?’” ​…continued next page

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