October 2015 Newsletter

by Brad McCarson

Every two years members of the International Palm Society gather together to experience an exciting and wonderful event that’s all about visiting palms that grow in exotic locations across the globe. As a group, they find palms naturally occurring in tropical or subtropical areas to better understand how they flourish in the wild. Exploring palms in their natural surroundings allows a beautiful and intimate experience to happen between people and plants. This a great way to educate yourself while soaking in the beauty of the world and the allure of the palm family. The experience of the IPS Biennial has a lot to offer, such as lectures at botanical gardens, travels to magnificent places, tasting new cuisine, meeting palm experts or biologists, and of course seeing palms in habitat. Not something you see or get to do everyday!
​The upcoming June 12­19, 2016 Biennial w​ill begin in Kuching, Malaysia and conclude in Singapore which boasts thousands of species of plants in one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. You will get to see many exotic plants, including many indigenous palms and hundreds of orchids! Past Biennial adventures included Miami, Brazil, The Dominican Republic, and much more. Take a look at what people discovered:

Mountainside full of Coccothrinax boschiana in the Dominican Republic Photo: Bo­Göran Lundkvist


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