January 2014 Newsletter

Photo of dense growth Sabal palmetto at Highlands Hammock State Park by Scott Zona


The International Palm Society is holding its 2014 Biennial in Miami and the Florida Keys from May 24 to 31. The last time a biennial was held in Miami was in 1992 just weeks after Hurricane Andrew. Events during the biennial will include seeing palms in habitat as well as some private gardens not easily seen otherwise. Three days will be spent in the fabulous Florida Keys. Biennials are fantastic events for socializing with palm nuts from all over the world as well as see and learn about a great many palm species. There will also be expert speakers some evenings to enlighten us about various aspects of palms.

For more information and to register, go to the IPS website at https://palms.org/biennial_2014.cfm
You can save some registration cost by registering before January 17.
— Paul Craft


Dypsis leucomalla at Floribunda Palms, Hawaii – Photo courtesy of Kim Cyr

John Dransfield and Jeff Marcus IPS members are reading about the stunning Dypsis leucomalla from Madagascar growing in the collection of Jeff Marcus at Floribunda Palms in Hawaii. The styrofoam-like texture and whiteness of the emerging spear is a prominent feature of this spectacular single-trunked robust palm. For the full article including more photos and detailed drawings, refer to your December 2013 issue of Palms, Journal of the International Palm Society, or visit www.palms.org where the issue will soon be posted online.

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