Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson, MD of Shandan Pty Ltd (a property and investment company) in NSW Australia. Wilson has a passion in Palm conservation by sharing many different species with Botanic Gardens mainly in Australia. since 2008, he has helped increase the palm collection within the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney and has created a new 6000 sqm Palm Garden in Wollongong Botanic Gardens in 2013. Since the Wilson has been active in both gardens. Additionally, he is currently sharing species with Cairns Botanic Gardens and Australian Botanic Gardens in Mt Annan NSW, as well as Waite Institute Arboretum in South Australia, concentrating on rare and endangered palms when possible. Wilson is always looking for new species they don’t currently have in their botanic gardens or looking for seed donations to ensure the survival of species long term. Life outside of palm horticulture includes family, sailing and researching his family history.

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