I have a palm which I would like identified. Can you help?

The IPS maintains some of the largest resources of palm tree aficionado’s online. Try posting an image of your plant on PalmTalkĀ or if you are a Facebook user, please visit our Facebook Community Page. Someone will certainly be able to identify it for you.

My membership is current, but I have not been receiving my Palms journals

IPS will send replacement copies UP TO SIX MONTHS after the date of the missed issue. If you persistently do not receive your copy of Palms, please: Check that your address is correct If your journal is sent to an office or institution, check to ensure that no one else is getting your copy in […]

I am having trouble logging into my account.

There could be several reasons: Make sure that your account is current Make sure you are entering the correct USERNAME or EMAIL and your password in the PASSWORD box, not vica-versa If you are unsure of your password, select the “Lost Your Password” to have a email sent with a temporary password to login.

I did not receive a dues notice

Dues notices are sent by email, if for some reason you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. You can also add info@palms.org as an authorized contact to ensure notices are delivered to your inbox.