On behalf of the International Palm Society (IPS), welcome to our global community of some 1500 palm enthusiasts in 70 nations! The IPS, a nonprofit formed in 1956, aims to inform the world about the amazing family of palms—from their use as ornamentals in the landscape to their scientific study by the world’s top botanists.

Now that you are a member, these are some of the benefits you can enjoy.

PALMS, a full-color quarterly journal, features articles for enthusiasts from novices to researchers. There are articles on newly discovered palms, palm research and palm horticulture, book reviews, travelogues, and more. The quarterly Supplement features news of our affiliates, reports of IPS activities, and information about many palm publications not easily found elsewhere.

The IPS website, http://www.palms.org, offers online information on many aspects of palms. There are articles from over fifty years of back issues of PALMS and PRINCIPES (former name of the IPS journal); a large selection of specialized books that may be ordered online (20% member discount); links to other palm websites; photo gallery, email addresses of fellow palm enthusiasts; and information on affiliates organizations. The IPS Forum, www.palmtalk.org, is an extremely active part of our website, with discussions about palms, and other tropical plants, taking place 24 hours a day.

A Biennial Meeting held every two years, allows participating members to renew old friendships and make new ones while learning about palms as they visit public and private gardens, see palms in habitat, and attend lectures. International in scope; our Biennials have been held in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

The IPS’s Revolving Publication Fund enables the publication of palm books – on palm genera such as Chamaedoreas, and on the palm floras of the Amazon, Madagascar, and Trinidad and Tobago. An IPS Endowment Fund’s annual grants supports scientific and educational projects throughout the world.

You have joined a very active community of palm enthusiasts.