March 2022 Newsletter

International Palm Society’s Hawaiian Islands Biennial

REGISTRATION WILL SOON OPEN! The International Palm Society’s Biennial will be Sunday, October 9 through Saturday, October 15, 2022. The International Palm Society is traveling again, and you are invited to join us for our 32nd Biennial meeting!

This Biennial event is being offered on a first-come basis in a more intimate setting than would be typical. With space for only 150 attendees, this Biennial is anticipated to sell out quickly.

Registration will soon open and will continue until capacity is reached. Please save the date and check the IPS website or follow our social media for further information. It will be very important to reserve early to ensure your place. We expect this Biennial to be a stellar event, so don’t miss out!


Pritchardia in Hawaii

I am pleased to re-introduced Don Hodel to our newsletter readers. Don is the world’s acknowledged expert on the genus Pritchardia. This is the third species of Hawaii’s only endemic palm genus, Pritchardia, which he will describe. We hope that this will serve as a field guide of sorts and aid in the identification and differentiation of the various species that we might encounter during the Hawaii Biennial.

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Pictured: Pritchardia beccariana in Hawaii by Donald R. Hodel