December 2020 Newsletter

PIMBY (Palms In My Backyard) by Andy Hurwitz


October 21, Palmdale, Minnesota, USA by Boyd Marts

Thankfully, this is our final newsletter of the year, which indicates 2020 is nearly done. Needless to say, this has been a [insert pejorative adjective here] year for us all.I thought it might be enjoyable (and challenging!) to devote this edition to favorite palm photographs taken in 2020. I hoped that this might force palmophiles to recognize overlooked plants in their neighborhood, given our worldwide travel restrictions.

IPS Affiliate Showcase

The International Palm Society boasts over 30 affiliates. While the IPS focuses on its mission of research, education, and conservation; local clubs provide members with garden tours, growing tips and access to rare palms. Furthermore, many publish highly desirable periodicals, which are valued by many enthusiasts far afield. For this reason, it’s common for IPS members to belong to more than one local chapter.

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