Vol 3.8

AUGUST 2015 NEWSLETTER: Nursery Owner and Friends Rescue Palms from Grim Future — ​New South Wales by Benjamin Smith, edited by Brad McCarson Most palms existing in older gardens can face a future of uncertainty. Many properties must be cleared for construction or infrastructure purposes, leaving palms bulldozed over or sent to the chipper. Colin Wilson, […]

Vol 3.7

JULY 2015 NEWSLETTER: A Trip to the Heart of Brazil by Julie Cleaver Malzoni Together with a group of friends, my husband Eduardo and I visited the very remote Jalapão National Park in the state of Tocantins to check out all the wonders we had heard about: rivers of clean water, waterfalls, crystal clear springs, sand […]

Vol 3.5

MAY 2015 NEWSLETTER: ROOTS by Ken Johnson I have transplanted palms for a living for 30 years. It is hard to get more involved in palm roots than I have been. Here are some tricks to help you transplant by getting to know your roots better. We all know that root functions to take up […]

Vol 3.4

APRIL 2015 NEWSLETTER: Lord Howe Island and Mt. Gower Climb by Troy Donovan ________________________ “Lord Howe Island: The paradise of the Tasman” was the title that I saw in the dusty old National Geographic from 1935 that I read as a 6­year­old boy in 1977. After many years of dreaming and procrastination and growing all the Lord Howe […]

Vol 3.3

MARCH 2015 NEWSLETTER: How Poet W.S. Merwin Found Paradise by Planting Palm Trees Our co-editor, John Dransfield, who was involved in the census and naming of the palms in the Merwin Conservancy comments: This is one of the most exciting and beautiful palm gardens I have ever visited. Here are palms growing in conditions very […]

Vol 3.2

FEBRUARY 2015 NEWSLETTER: Interview: Libby Besse by Ray Hernandez In November of last year, IPS Director Kim Cyr asked me to interview Libby Besse for the online IPS newsletter. I was delighted at the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with one I consider to be a living legend in the palm world. Here was a name I’d held in reverence since my early […]

Vol 2.12

DECEMBER 2014 NEWSLETTER: Message from the President, Leland Lai Wishing all IPS Members a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year Greetings to my fellow IPS Members, wishing all of you a happy and safe holiday season. I want to share some of the happenings this last year, reflective of much background work and budgeting for the new face of the IPS. […]

Vol 2.11

NOVEMBER 2014 NEWSLETTER: Dr. Andrew Henderson, Recipient of Multiple IPS Grants from Cindy Adair Each year, the IPS considers applications for grants from the IPS Endowment Fund. Dr. Andrew Henderson, Curator, Institute of Systematic Botany at New York Botanical Garden, has received six grants from the IPS over the last eleven years. Grants in 2003 and 2005 were given toward preparation of A Field Guide to the Palms of […]

Vol 2.10

OCTOBER 2014 NEWSLETTER: THE MERWIN CONSERVANCY Announces the Preservation of the MERWIN PALM FOREST. When W.S. Merwin, a Pulitzer Prize winning U.S. Poet Laureate and resident of Maui, Hawaii, came upon a parcel of land in the small valley of Pe’ahi Stream in the late 1970’s, he found an agricultural wasteland with the soil decimated and eroded by a failed pineapple plantation. Merwin set about a nearly […]

Vol 2.9

SEPTEMBER 2014 NEWSLETTER: Letter from IPS Grant Recipient Joanna Tucker Lima  The society’s support through the Endowment was very important to the success of my research and continuing love and investigation of palms. Here follows a brief description of my research associated with the IPS grant. Thank you! Biofuels represent a promising resource for isolated rural areas of Amazonia, where poor accessibility has slowed electrification, and high fuel […]