Vol 6.1

JANUARY 2018 NEWSLETTER: Happy New Years to all. We present exciting news about the 2018 IPS Biennial to be held in Colombia at the end of May and beginning of June this year. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there. We always look forward to hearing from you! Let us know about your palm adventures! 2018 IPS […]

Vol 5.12

DECEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER: Hello, fellow IPS members. Season’s greetings and a very happy New Year! We are always looking forward to hear from you! Let us know about your palm adventures! Thai Pink Milk Pink Milk is a beverage sold at drink stands and juice bars around Thailand. It’s a sweet and refreshing drink packed with enough […]

Vol 5.11

NOVEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER: This month we have a note about a lover of palms, Mr. Sven Nehlin, who passed away last month. We highlight a story from the highlands of South America concerning the wax palms, Ceroxylon spp., and how they might be affected by possible changes to the landscape from open cow pasture to avocado groves. We always […]

Vol 5.10

OCTOBER 2017 NEWSLETTER: Greetings to the gardens of South Florida after the hurricane. I had the chance to revisit the Naples Botanical Garden in South Florida in early October and saw the hard work they have put into recovery just a few weeks after Hurricane Irma. Any collaboration on content for the newsletter is welcome! Palms are […]

Vol 5.9

SEPTEMBER 2017 NEWSLETTER:  This month: a note for an exhibit at American Writers Museum and the announcement of the new Palm Journal Issue. Remember we are open to your comments and stories! Exhibit: Palm: All Awake in the Darkness A brief respite from the hustle and heat of downtown Chicago – a moment in the cool, green, […]

Vol 5.8

AUGUST 2017 NEWSLETTER: This month, we read about the new polymer-based pound notes in United Kingdom. We are proud to present an article about palm pruning and how it relates to wildlife. We thank Katie Jepson from Bat Conservation International and Teresa from for their help. We also have a recommendation about a book on palms of […]

Vol 5.7

JULY 2017 NEWSLETTER:  This month’s Newsletter includes the dates for the incoming IPS Biennial next year, a note about alcoholic beverages from palm, the call for proposals for the 2018 IPS Endowment Fund Grants and a message about the IPS’ new #99Palms campaign on social media. Our coeditor Kevin Hrycay will be away for a while. Scott Zona […]

Vol 5.6

JUNE 2017 NEWSLETTER: Hey, palm-lovers! This is the sixth issue released by the new editors. Thanks for all your feedback. We expect to improve our the Newsletter with your help. Since many of our readers are garden hobbyists, we came up with a note about pruning. We have also two notes about two Latin American botanic gardens, Bogota […]

Vol 5.5

MAY 2017 NEWSLETTER: Greetings, IPS members and palm enthusiasts! This month the newsletter addresses the spiny South American palm Acrocomia aculeata and its various uses ranging from food to biofuel, the de-palming of a Chilean airline logo, the spread of the Red Palm Mite (Raoiella indica) in the Caribbean, and information on an annual meeting of the European […]

Vol 5.4

APRIL 2017 NEWSLETTER: It’s springtime, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, which for many of us means time to accomplish a wide variety of palm-related chores. This is also a good time to think safety! Whether it be lifting heavy pots with your knees instead of your back, wearing gloves and goggles when trimming fronds (especially those well-armed […]