October 2014 Newsletter

THE MERWIN CONSERVANCY Announces the Preservation of the MERWIN PALM FOREST. When W.S. Merwin, a Pulitzer Prize winning U.S. Poet Laureate and resident of Maui, Hawaii, came upon a parcel of land in the small valley of Pe’ahi Stream in the late 1970’s, he found an agricultural wasteland with the soil decimated and eroded by a failed pineapple plantation. Merwin set about a nearly 40-year journey to give […]

September 2014 Newsletter

Letter from IPS Grant Recipient Joanna Tucker Lima  The society’s support through the Endowment was very important to the success of my research and continuing love and investigation of palms. Here follows a brief description of my research associated with the IPS grant. Thank you! Biofuels represent a promising resource for isolated rural areas of Amazonia, where poor accessibility has slowed electrification, and high fuel prices limit transportation of […]

August 2014 Newsletter

IPS TRAVEL 2016 SARAWAK & SINGAPORE ~ PALMS IN HABITAT from David Tanswell, Jack Sayers, and R. Haresh The 2016 IPS Bienniel meeting will take you to South East Asia and will have an emphasis on palms in habitat. Full details will be published well in advance, however we are aiming for the second week […]

July 2014 Newsletter

CHENG HO If you were so fortunate as to attend the 2014 Biennial in South Florida, you received this little gizmo at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden dinner. Dr. Carl Lewis, Director of FTBG, spoke that evening about one of the greatest plant explorers of all time, Dr. David Fairchild, namesake of the Tropical Botanic Garden. As described on the FTBG website, “For 37 years, he […]

June 2014 Newsletter

2014 BIENNIAL IN SOUTH FLORIDA: People and Palms The June and July issues of the Newsletter will be dedicated to the gathering of 128 members in Miami. The first evening, after a presentation by Dr. John Dransfield about the discovery of Guihaia argyrata, Libby Besse was bestowed the Dent Smith Award for her many years of service to the IPS. The same award was […]

May 2014 Newsletter

Fifty Years Back: International Palm Society’s 1964 Biennial in Arcadia,California Excerpts from the archives of PRINCIPES  “Report of the Biennial Meeting April 11-18, 1964 “The California members of The Palm Society were hosts to the fourth Biennial Meeting, which was held at the Los Angeles State and County Arboretum, Arcadia, Calif., on April 11th, 1964 at 10 a.m. About sixty members and their guests […]

April 2014 Newsletter

IPS Endowment Grant Recipient:Mijoro Rakotoarinivo  from Cindy Adair Each year, the IPS considers applications for grants from the IPS Endowment Fund. At the 2010 IPS Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Board of Directors awarded a small research grant to, among others, Mijoro Rakotoarinivo. Mijoro is the Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre and Geographic Information Science Unit Manager and Palms Conservation Officer. According […]

March 2014 Newsletter

Origins of the International Palm Society from Dr. John Dransfield In January 1956 shortly after the establishment of the Palm Society in 1955, our founder, Dent Smith, prepared the first part of a Bulletin that was circulated to all subscribing and prospective members. The Bulletin was mimeographed on 8½ by 11 in. paper, simply stapled in one corner. […]

February 2014 Newsletter

PALMETUM of TENERIFE INAUGURATION Inauguración del Palmétum de Santa Cruz de Tenerife When the International Palm Society Board of Directors held its October 2011 meeting in the Canary Islands, a highlight was a visit to the Palmetum of Santa Cruz, Tenerife which was under development. As described by IPS Director Carlo Morici who was deeply […]

January 2014 Newsletter

IPS SOUTH FLORIDA BIENNIAL MAY 2014  The International Palm Society is holding its 2014 Biennial in Miami and the Florida Keys from May 24 to 31. The last time a biennial was held in Miami was in 1992 just weeks after Hurricane Andrew. Events during the biennial will include seeing palms in habitat as well as some private gardens not easily […]