July 2018 Newsletter

This month we take a short look back at special award made in 2013 by the IPS Board. We present a hot-off-the-press book by one of our members, and we also talk a bit about an old book. Flashback! In 2013, a special award was given to Jeff and Suchin Marcus of Floribunda Palms, Hawai’i, to document and […]

May 2018 Newsletter

This month: Botanical Garden Congress in Poland and 200th anniversary of the host garden! Also a short note about palm oil. The IPS Biennial in Colombia is happening later this month; send us your stories, photos and comments on it. We might publish them (if you want), but also we would like to have feedback about the event and […]

April 2018 Newsletter

This month: Sad news, the passing of a beloved IPS member. Also, some Palm Facts, Palm Art, and information for the 2022 IPS Biennial meeting. Passing of Ralph Velez We are deeply saddened to inform you that Ralph Velez, one of our longestserving members, passed away on April 24th, 2018, in a hospice in Orange County, California, after a […]

Your IPS Endowment Fund at work

The following notes from Endowment Award recipients illustrate some of the progress made in palm research, education and conservation with support from the IPS. Dr. Roxaneh S. Khorsand, Department of Biology, University of Northern Colorado, USA. “While I was a graduate student, I had support from the IPS to study the reproductive biology of Mauritia […]

A Practical Guide to Germinating Palm Seeds

Originally written by Jeff Marcus (Floribunda Palms and Exotics) and Ken Banks for April 1999 issue of Palms. With most palms, propagation from seed is not difficult as long as a few basic requirements are met. Among the most important are fresh seed, good sanitation, proper medium, proper hydration, and adequate heat. Each of these points will […]

June 2015 Newsletter

ROOTS by Ken Johnson I have transplanted palms for a living for 30 years. It is hard to get more involved in palm roots than I have been. Here are some tricks to help you transplant by getting to know your roots better. We all know that root functions to take up water and nutrients […]

March 2015 Newsletter

How Poet W.S. Merwin Found Paradise by Planting Palm Trees Our co-editor, John Dransfield, who was involved in the census and naming of the palms in the Merwin Conservancy comments: This is one of the most exciting and beautiful palm gardens I have ever visited. Here are palms growing in conditions very similar to their […]

February 2015 Newsletter

Interview: Libby Besse by Ray Hernandez In November of last year, IPS Director Kim Cyr asked me to interview Libby Besse for the online IPS newsletter. I was delighted at the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with one I consider to be a living legend in the palm world. Here was a name I’d held in reverence since my early palm growing days. Along […]

December 2014 Newsletter

Message from the President, Leland Lai Wishing all IPS Members a Joyous Holiday Season and a Happy New Year Greetings to my fellow IPS Members, wishing all of you a happy and safe holiday season. I want to share some of the happenings this last year, reflective of much background work and budgeting for the new face of the IPS. For several years, […]