December 2016

DECEMBER 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: Thanks to Members Gracias, Danke , 謝謝, Obrigado, Hvala ti, Salamat, धयवाद, Merci, ありがとうございました Did you have a great trip to Sarawak and Singapore with the IPS? Do you enjoy the discoveries, photographs, and science news in the quarterly journal, Palms? Did someone answer a question for you, or have you bought or […]

November 2016

NOVEMBER 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: Transcending Palms ​Shelley Moen Hoist made her first basket more than 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until after four or five years of working with the palm bases that she began to see the material for what it truly was. “I realized that it needed to be honored for what it was. That […]

October 2016

OCTOBER 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: ​Dr. Walter Hodge Second President of the IPS 1957 – 1960 By Andrew Street I am sure some of you reading this may never have heard of Dr. Walter Hodge, and that’s partly why this piece was written. Surely any man who lives to be over 100 has some stories to tell, […]

September 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: DARWIN POST-TOUR Making Friends, Making Memories A few simple notes from Jack Sayers, one of the organizers and guides for the very successful Darwin tour: ● The group was great. We had about 25, and everyone had fun without any major problems. ● We saw a pretty good range of wildlife. From […]

August 2016

AUGUST 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: Do You Know Your Directors? Directors are the backbone of the International Palm Society. While some take on visible roles, others work behind the scenes to keep the IPS moving forward. Director Susan Hubbell​ captured photos of many (but not all) directors during the recent IPS travels to Sarawak and Singapore. A Biennial […]

July 2016

JULY 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: Commemorative Palm Planting at Gardens by the Bay Biennial 2016 On the final day of the IPS Biennial meeting in Singapore, two Directors, IPS President Leland Lai and Co­Editor John Dransfield, took part in a commemorative planting of two individuals of John’s namesake, ​Adonidia dransfieldii​, a species described in the pages of PALMS last […]

June 2016

JUNE 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: A Coconut Palm Ban in Miami, Florida? Story and photos by Elvis Cruz Dear Friends and Fellow Palm Enthusiasts, I know this sounds strange, but I swear it’s true. The City of Miami, Florida has banned the planting of coconut palms on Miami’s streets! How do I know this? View This Newsletter

May 2016

MAY 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: Raffelsia tuan­mudae; The parasitic Raffelsia has the largest single flowers in the world, sometimes measuring more than a meter across. There are over 21 distinct species occurring throughout the wet regions of Southeast Asia. The species shown here is endemic to Sarawak. Right, Boiga nigriceps; the Black­headed Cat Snake is an arboreal predator of […]

April 2016

APRIL 2016​ ​NEWSLETTER: The Art of the Palm by Bradley McCarson Palms have a fascinating beauty seldom matched elsewhere in nature. Their beautiful fronds swaying in the wind and their unique trunks provide an artistic and architectural balance to any garden. Palms have many different textures and colors while providing winter interest. With all these elements palms […]

March 2016

MARCH 2016 NEWSLETTER: An Expression of Gratitude To walk the grounds of Floribunda is an experience to overwhelm even the most jaded palm expert. The towering mass of mature rare and endangered palms collected by Jeff Marcus on his world travels is a palm vortex, a living palm seed bank for the earth. At the 2013 IPS […]