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  Vol 62. No. 3  September 2018


Front cover:
Back cover:


Issue Contents    
Palms of the San Francisco Botanical Garden
Jason Dewees 
Book Review: The Palms of Cuba by Paul Craft
Scott Zona 
Charles Wright and the Cuban Palms 2. The Genus Calyptronoma
Celio E. Moya and Scott Zona
PALM Literature: Designing with Palms by Jason Dewees
 Thierry Hubert 
Hyphaene thebaica (Doum Palm) in First World War Medicine
 James Wearn and Jessica Hudson 
New Finds in New Guinea Hydriastele
 William J. Baker, Charlie D. Heatubun and Peter Petoe 
Coccothrinax acunana Rediscovered in Cuba After 80 Years
 Duanny Suarez Oropesa, Milian Rordriguez Lima, Celio E. Moya Lopez and Donald R. Hodel 
  Vol 62. No. 2  June 2018


Front cover: Carpets from Raphia sese for sale in a specialized market of Kinshasa. See article by Mbandu Luzolawoetal., p.87.
P. Mbandu Luzowala
Back cover: Sclerosperma mannii See article by Mbandu Luzolawaetal., p.87.

P. Mbandu Luzowala


Issue Contents    
Notes on Borassus aethiopum Mart.,a Multi-Purpose Palm in Togo and Benin
Loich Michon, Kifouli Adeoti, Koudouvo Koffi, Eben-Ezer Ewedje & Fred W. Stauffer 
Lemurophoenix laevis
John Dransfield and Jeff Marcus 
Syagrus guaratingensis: a New Species from Bahia, Brazil
Larry R. Noblick
The Palms from the Southwestern Congolese Central Basin (Democratic Republic of Congo)
 Pélagie Mbandu Luzolawo, Constantin Lubini Ayingweu, Jean-Baptiste Dhetchuvi Matchu-Mandje, and Fred W. Stauffer 
Photo Feature: Pritchardia thurstonii in the Wild
 Donald R. Hodel 
  Vol 62. No. 1  March 2018


Front cover: Coccothrinax acuminata growing in white sand savannas near Cortés, Cuba
Paul Craft
Back cover: Ceroxylon quindiuense at Las Cruces, Tochecito, Colombia September 2017

Rodrigo Bernal


Issue Contents    
The World's Tallest Palms
Rodrigo Bernal, Blanca Martínez and María José Sanín 
Fruit Morphology and Yield of Bactris gasipaes in Tumupasa, Bolivia
Viviana Varga, Julissa Roncal, and Mónica Moraes R., Ph.D. 
Variation in the Carbon Fraction of Seven Neotropical Palm Species of Different Forest Strata
Milena Cambronero' Geraldo Avalos ad Carolina Alvarez-Vergnani
Do Leaf-Cutter Ants Affect Mauritia flexuosa Population Structure?
 Linton Lee Arneaud 
Juania australis - a First Flowering in Ireland
 Brendan Sayers, Karen Foley and David Foley 
Charles Wright and Cuban Palms. I. Resurrection of Coccothrinax acuminate
 Celio E. Moya López and Isidro E. Méndez Santos 

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