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  Vol 61. No 1  March 2017


Front cover: Livistona alfredii was named by Baron Ferdinand von Mueller to honor Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (second son of Queen Victoria), and husband of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia.
J.L. Dowe
Back cover: Adult Coccothrinax × angelae.

D. Suárez.


Issue Contents    
Palms of the Darién Gap (ColombiaPanama)
Á. Cano, H.F. Marrique, S.E. Hoyos-Gómez, N. Echavarría, A. Upegui, M.F. González, G. Galeano & R. Bernal 
Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, the “Princeps of Australian Botany,” and a Historical Account of his Australasian Palms
J.L. Dowe 
Status of Pseudophoenix sargentii on Elliott Key, Florida
T.M. Magellan and M.P. Griffith
Coccothrinax x angelae, the First Natural Hybrid of the Genus
 D. Suárez Oropesa, M. Rodriguez Lima & D.R. Hodel 
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