Palms with images
Acanthophoenix crinita
Acanthophoenix rousselii N.Ludw.
Acanthophoenix rubra
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
Acrocomia aculeata
Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart.
Acrocomia crispa
Adonidia merrillii
Allagoptera arenaria
Archonotophoenix alexandrae
Archontophoenix alexandrae
Areca catechu "Dwarf"
Areca concinna
Areca ipot
Areca vestiaria
Arenga engleri
Arenga tremula
Arenga westerhoutii
Attalea rostrata
Attalea allenii
Attalea butyracea
Bactris militaris
Basselinia gracilis
Basselinia pancheri
Basselinia sordida
becarriophoenix sp windows
Beccariophoenix madagascariensis
Bismarckia nobilis
Borassodendron machodonis
Borassus aethiopum
Borassus flabellifer
Brahea aculeata
Brahea armata
Brahea calcarea
Brahea decumbens
Brahea dulcis
Brahea edulis
Brahea pimo
Burretiokentia hapala
Butia capitata
Butia eriospatha
Butia paraguayensis
Butia yatay
Butyagrus nabonnandii
Calamus caryotoides
Calamus cilaris
Calamus moti
Calyptrocalyx albertisianus
Calyptrocalyx species
Carpentaria acuminata
Carpoxylon macrospermum
Caryota bacsonensis
Caryota obtusa
Caryota zebrina
Chamaedorea adscendens
Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti
Chamaedorea tenerrima
Chamaerops humilis
Chamaerops humilis 'Vulcano'
Chamaerops 'Vulcano'
chamberonia Macrocarpa sp watermelon
Chambeyronia macrocarpa
Coccothrinax argentata
Coccothrinax barbadensis
Coccothrinax borhidiana
Coccothrinax boschiana
Coccothrinax crinita
Coccothrinax garciana
Coccothrinax litoralis
Coccothrinax miraguama subspecies arenicola
Coccothrinax miraguama subspecies havanensis
Coccothrinax pseudorigida
Coccothrinax species "Azul"
Cocos nucifera
Colpothrinax wrightii
Copernicia alba
Copernicia baileyana
Copernicia berteroana
Copernicia brittonorum
Copernicia cowellii
Copernicia fallaensis
Copernicia macroglossa
Corypha elata
Corypha umbraculifera
Cyphokentia macrostachya
Cyphophoenix alba
Cyphophoenix elegans
Cyphophoenix nucele
Cyphosperma balansae
Cyrtostachys renda
Deckenia nobilis
Dypsis beentjei
Dypsis bosseri
Dypsis carlsmithii
Dypsis decipiens
Dypsis hovomantsina
Dypsis lantzeana
Dypsis lastelliana
Dypsis leptocheilos
Dypsis louvelii
Dypsis lutescens
Dypsis madagascariensis
Dypsis malcomberi
Dypsis manajarensis
Dypsis mananjarensis
Dypsis marojejya
Dypsis menalaingo
Dypsis onilahensis
Dypsis paludosa
Dypsis pilulifera
Dypsis pinnatifrons
Dypsis procera
Dypsis remotiflora
Dypsis rivularis
Dypsis robusta
Dypsis simianensis
Dypsis species "pink crownshaft"
Elaeis guineensis
Elaeis guineensis Jacq.
Euterpe catinga
Euterpe edulis
Gaussia spirituana
Geonoma undata
Guihaia argyrata
Hemithrinax ekmaniana
Hemithrinax rivularis
Heterospathe califrons
Hydriastele ramsayi
Hydriastele valida
Hydristele ramsayii
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii
Hyphaene thebaica
Iguanura wallichiana
Itaya amicorum
Johannesteijsmannia altifrons
Johannesteijsmannia magnifica
Jubaea chilensis
Jubaea x Butia
Kentiopsis magnifica
Kentiopsis oliviformis
Latania loddigesii
Leucothrinax morrisii
Licuala cordata
Licuala dasyantha
Licuala delicata
Licuala distans
Licuala glabra
Licuala grandis
Licuala mattanesis
Licuala mattanesis "mapu"
Licuala orbicularis
Licuala peekelii
Licuala peltata sumawongii
Licuala platydactyla
Licuala poonsaki
Licuala ramsayi
Licuala sarawakensis
Licuala spinosa
Linospadix monostachys
Livistona alfredii
Livistona chinensis var. subglobosa
Livistona humilis
Livistona inermis
Livistona nitida
Livistona rigida
Livistona sp. (speciosa ?)
Lodoicea maldivica
Loxococcus rupicola
Metroxylon sagu Rottb.
Nannorrhops ritchiana
Nypa fruticans
Oncosperma gracilipes
Oncosperma horridum
Pelagodoxa henryana
Pelagodoxa Henryana_goodwin-davies
Phoenix and other genera
Phoenix and others genera
Phoenix canariensis
Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix pusilla
Phoenix reclinata
Phoenix roebelenii
Phoenix theophrasti
Phoenix theophrastii
Pinanga copelandii
Pritchardia hillebrandii "blue form"
Pritchardia munroi
Pritchardia pacifica
Pseudophoenix lediniana
Pseudophoenix sargentii
Ptychosperma macarthurii
Ravenea glauca
Ravenea rivularis
Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Rhapis excelsa
Rhopalostylis Sapida Var Chatham Islands
Roystonea lenis
Roystonea oleracea
Roystonea regia
Sabal causiarum
Sabal mauritiiformis
Sabal minor
Sabal palmetto
Salacca magnifica
Salacca zalacca
Satakentia liukiuensis
Syagrus cearensis
Syagrus romanzoffiana "Litoralis"
Syagrus romanzoffianum
Syagrus schizophylla
Thrinax parviflora subspecies parviflora
Thrinax radiata
Trachycarpus fortunei
Trachycarpus takil
Trachycarpus wagnerianus
Trithrinax campestris
Washingtonia filifera
Washingtonia robusta
Wodyetia bifurcata
Zombia antillarum










Images on this site have been kindly submitted by our members. They may not be used, downloaded, or altered without the permission of the photographer or the International Palm Society.


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The identification of palms can often be quite difficult and subject to much discussion. While the IPS has no reason to doubt the identification of any of the palms and images shown here, they have not all been scientically reviewed. If you wish to question a description or identification, please contact Please quote the image's ID number.

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