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Members and interested parties,

Biennial organisation is constantly underway within the IPS board planning for the present and for the future. Registrations for the 2018 IPS Biennial Meeting in Colombia are now complete and the itinerary and years of planning offer yet another amazing experience for participants. The board is currently finalising the location of the 2020 biennial so that the team can move forward with the organisation of the event. From past experience the IPS Biennial Guidelines recommend a 4 year program for the delivery of biennial meetings so it is now time to call for submissions and suggestions for the 2022 IPS Biennial Meeting. Submission are to be addressed to the Biennial Committee chair David Tanswell email and received by 10th May 2018. This is to allow time for liaison between the submitters and the committee prior to presentation at the next IPS Board of Directors meeting in Colombia on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Here are some criteria for Submissions for IPS Biennial Meetings extracted from the Biennial Guidelines which are available to any submitter/proposer on request:
  • The primary goal is to produce IPS Biennials that:
    • recognize that IPS Biennial Meetings are the only IPS social event for IPS members
    • recognize that IPS Biennial Meetings are the single most important source of funding for the IPS,
    • most importantly provide rewarding and memorable experiences for all attendees
  • Submission for hosting an IPS Biennial may be made by a Chapter or Affiliate of the IPS, by an individual who is an IPS member, or by an individual or organization in writing
  • Submission shall provide a brief history of the proposer or proposing group, size, and background for qualification for hosting an international event.
  • Submission shall contain a brief description inclusive of the location, theme, palm species, gardens, and other sites that characterize the Biennial and the Pre/Post tour for the event and indicate accessibility by air.
  • Submission shall list the ability and/or capability of the hosting body and that of the proposed site to accommodate the IPS (e.g., provide transportation, shelter, food, and accommodations for group gatherings). The accommodations must be for a minimum one-hundred fifty (150) guests and a specification of the maximum number of people that could be sufficiently handled by the hosting group and facilities
  • Submission should also tentatively list the tour sites and what can be expected in terms of species for viewing or other attractions. Any major limiting or restricting factors should also be listed for ease of viewing and safety considerations.
  • Submissions should suggest possible Pre and Post tour destinations
Don't consider these criteria too daunting, if you have an idea but have difficulty putting a submission together contact David Tanswell email to discuss.

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