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Details about main photo:The huge terminal inflorescence of Metroxylon sagu. All leaves were removed by Mr Melianus Seipalla - who is inspecting his work here - to completely clear the view on the inflorescence and the long internodes of the trunk part directly below it.

Photo image

Metroxylon sagu Rottb.
Photo courtesy of Dirk L. Schuiling
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Some unusual facts about Palms

  • Next to grains like rice wheat oats, barley etc…,palms are the most grown plant in the world for food, fiber and shelter. 
  • Palms are the Prince of the plant kingdom  having the largest seed of any plant - Lodoicea the double coconut weights in at 45 lbs (20 kilo).
  • Raffia having  the longest leaf -  up 80 feet (24 meters).
  • Brahea has the longest bloom spike up to 18 feet (5 meters) followed by Jubaea with a trunk diameter of around 4.3 feet (1.3 meters), Ceroxylon  reaching heights of 280 feet (85 meters) and Calamus, a vining type palms stretching over 240 feet (73 meters).
  • Phoenix canariensis has the most recognized symbol and silhouette of any plant of the world.
  • In 1969 petrified palm wood became the official state stone of Texas. It is also the State fossil of Louisiana.

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The International Palm Society, Inc. is operated solely and exclusively for scientific and/or educational purposes  related to the study of palms, their propagation, culture, conservation,  care, and development.

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